Which is the most amazing movie you have ever watched? Of course, we are talking about the end. Which movie amazed too at its end? Well! there are a lot of amazing movies. Whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood there are a lot of Amazing Movies. But a little is there which has an unpredictable ending. Today, We Creative Virus will talk about the movies which have the most unpredictable ending.


Movie Which has Most Unpredictable Ending

Ajay Devgan starred this movie is one of the best movies of him. This movie is about a happily living family. Ajay Devgan played the role of Vijay Salgaonkar was a cable tv operator in the movie. The movie is about, how a man saved his family from a big trouble.

In the Movie, AJay Devgun had killed a boy who made MMs of his daughter. This was the son of Tabu who was a Police officer in the movie. As a police officer, Tabu had done a fabulous job as well. In the whole movie, they try to find out who has killed his Son.

For this, they mercilessly beat Ajay Devgan and family. Vijay Sadgaonkar (Ajay Devgan) who is very clever use Bollywood Movies tactics in order to pervert the police. At the end when her younger daughter tell the police that where his father has buried the body of boy it seems now police will get the evidence against Ajay Devgun.

But Ajay Devgan replaces the boy’s body with a Dog. So the police get the skeleton of the dog at the end. No doubt audience think that police will arrest him at the end. But the different thinking of the director made the movie different from others.



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