While some OEMs are still struggling to add rear cameras, there are those already applying dual front cams. But for Nokia, it wants to go beyond and try Penta-lens. That sounds a new system and it is sound to be found on the next flagship phone from Nokia. The 2018 flagship is rumored to be the Nokia 10 which may arrive with the latest Snapdragon 845 processor and a Penta-lens system that is comprised of five lenses and two flashes. It hasn’t has been confirmed yet but the imaging is said to be similar to what the Lumia 1020 had before.

A design sketch of the Nokia Penta-lens camera module was sighted online. The image also shows the possibility of a rear fingerprint sensor, 18:9 display screen, double-glass design, and Snapdragon 845 among others.

The 2018 Nokia flagship device could have a rotating camera developed by Zeiss. There will be the usual bezel-less design, latest chipset, and possibly a higher RAM and bigger storage. We’re expecting HMD Global will unveil the Nokia 9 at the MWC. The Nokia 10 may be moved to the next quarter so there will be more time for research, development, testing, and production.

In this Nokia 10 Expected Specifications will be.

  • Snapdragon 845 Processor which is the latest processor by Snapdragon.
  • Powerful GPU
  • 18:9 Display Screen
  • Double Glass Design
  • Higher Ram (8GB Expected)
  • Camera (13-13 MP Dual Primary Camera and 8MP Selfie Camera)
  • Fingerprint Scanner (Back Mounted)
  • Face Detection (Rumor)
  • 128GB Internal Memory
  • Battery 4000-4575 mAh (Expected)
  • FM

and Soon, many specifications are not leaked but Battery capacity will be higher than 4000 mAh or 4000 mAh. which is quite good enough. the camera hype is high because it is developed by Zeiss. although Nokia has to Improve functionality and many features because users got issues in their Nokia 8. we just pray that Nokia will keep their promise and release Nokia 9 and 10 at right time for the Indian market and Very Good Price.

About Nokia 10 Prices-

If Nokia launches Nokia 10 at Price of 35000 to 36000 Indian Rupees it will be great but if the price goes Forty-Thousand plus then the real struggle will start for Nokia Brand aka HMD Global. because Nokia’s earlier smartphones Nokia 3, Nokia 6 was launched at huge prices as compared to their poor processor performances and Nokia should stop using MediaTek processors and also Nokia 2 is also at High Price for Snapdragon 212 processor 7000 Indian Rupees is the huge price. Let’s see what happened to Nokia future Handsets.

and after all the debate, just one and only request or wish to Nokia Team that please release your handsets before it’s too late. because we saw that many Nokia handsets are launched too late so, hopefully, it doesn’t release too late.

It’s never too early to learn about the unconfirmed, upcoming smartphone. We’re always curious as to what Nokia has to offer because the brand was recently resurrected from the dead.
and we say All The Best to Nokia (HMD Global) for good work.

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